SoTL Support at York

The first issue of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Journal  is now available on The University’s Learning and Teaching pages (staff login required).

Many staff at the University of York approach their teaching ysotl-journal-coverand the learning of their students in a scholarly way, seeking evidence to test the impact of their creativity, exploring published research critically in the light of new questions or otherwise adopting approaches to learning and teaching that are defined by rigour, robustness and a drive to introduce improvement that is informed and credible.

Where a scholarly approach might become scholarship is when the results of this work are made accessible and shared with the intention of impacting positively upon the thinking and practice of others.

The York Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Journal provides a mechanism for the dissemination of learning and teaching research undertaken by University of York staff to the York teaching community.  The papers included within the journal are scholarly pieces of work in themselves, conducted by individuals seeking to explore learning and teaching questions in their disciplines from an evidence-informed perspective; they are also pieces of scholarship, written up to present evidence and arguments in a credible and critical manner.